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Quiz: Which of the following are meditators?
(Pictured here:   kd lang, Richard Gere, Mark Wahlberg, Noah Levine,  Uma Thurman, Harrison Ford, Amanda Palmer,  etc.)
Answer: All of them!

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  " I've tried to meditate, I just can't do it."
Learning is easy in the supportive energy of a group class,

& a live instructor can adapt the techique to your needs.

" The meditation classes are FREE??? "

Every Monday evening (except holidays) at the Leominster Public Library.  No gimmicks, no fees, no strings attached, non-commercial. 

    "I don't want to change my lifestyle."

Meditation does not require a change of life style, or the adoption of any beliefs.  However, meditation will support any positive changes you decide to make.

It is about becoming more fully and deeply yourself, not copying someone else.

        "I'm not religious."

Meditation is not a religion, but a way of deepening our experience of life.  We don't teach dogmas or beliefs.  Meditation is beneficial no matter what you believe, or don't believe.

       " I'm not 'New Age' or 'crunchy granola' "

We don't care whether you prefer Metallica or Frank Sinatra, nose rings or engagement rings.  Meditation goes much deeper than these things.

           "Awareness practice is about
            acceptance,  not judgment."

" What happens in a meditation class? "

6:45-7:00 Meditation Instruction 
7:00-7:15 gentle stretching and movement

7:15-7:35 silent meditation

7:35-7:45 guided meditation

7:45-7:55 grounding and relaxing


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Updated 11/2/08
Two Types of Meditation
Shame, Guilt, and Regret -- Which Are You?
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